Friday, September 16, 2011

rearranging and reminiscing

do you guys rearrange your house all the time? i am constantly moving things from one room to the next and sometimes back again. as a little girl, i remember always wanting to move my room around and that desire has never left me. i am a person that likes change and gets a bit restless living in a house for more than 5 years (crazy, huh?), so my cure is to rearrange and redecorate. i am drawn towards little moments in decorating - the unexpected when you turn a corner. i have my grandmothers spoon collection and recently it has landed in a tiny corner of the dining room. at first, it bothered me that it wasn't more predominantly displayed, but now, i really like this vignette. the spoons displayed with some of my vintage aprons work well nestled in between the white cabinet and the wall.

my next decision was to finally bring my collection of glass spice jars out of the attic where they were placed 5 years ago on moving day. i have been waiting to pull them out until i find the perfect spice jar labels. well, i hunt and scour the internet for labels, but none of them are quite right. i know i should just make my own, but i'm being a tad bit lazy in that department.

so up they went, completely naked and unfilled. in all their emptiness, i still find them awfully pretty. as long as they put a smile on my face, i don't need to rush to fill them. at least that is what i am telling myself :)


  1. I LOVE rearranging furniture and moving things around, especially when the season changes. However, my husband does not want his chair or stuff moved a hair!! Men don't get it, LOL! XO

  2. OMG Tiff! I looooove these pics. That spice jar is amazing but that green paint on the spice holder is To. Die. For! Did you know that my kitchen island is green? It's 10' x 4' and it's GREEN. When I chose my contractor and my designer I made sure they weren't going to talk me out of that as it's the one thing I knew I was going to have. Your house is so pretty. I am scared to even hang something on the wall so after living here 6 years and going thru a big renovation I still only have 3 things I hung up and that's over the couch. What am I afraid of??

  3. I too am a rearranger from WAY back (... um ... further back than you, I'm thinking) and it DOES stem from my room rearranging ways as a child. I even liked to rearrange my desk at school. (This was pre-backpack.)

    I absolutely love your colors ... and your blog.


  4. I read your article on Artful Blogging and thought I would take a look. Glad I did - love your style - and you are right, the spoons are perfect just where they are.


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