Wednesday, September 14, 2011

loveliest and beauty

this week has blissfully been filled with embroidery, sewing, and shipping etsy orders. all of which has put a huge smile on my face. i managed to photograph 2 of my new hoops and put them in the shop this morning. i just think they are the sweetest things ever! (no modesty here ;)

i love, love, love using the vintage hankies as a background for my embroidery. you also get great discoloration in the fabric since they are so old. tea-staining can't touch what nature does on its own!


  1. I love these! Will you have any more soon? I may have to get one and you can send it with the lamps. I especially love the top one and its saying.

  2. Hi Tiffin,
    My lovely friend Margie from Latebloomerbuds suggested I might like to call by and I'm so glad she did.
    Your space is glorious and I look forward to exploring it a little more.
    The "Life' embroidery here is such a vibrant message and image - am a fan of the red & blue combo.

    Happy day to you!

    Felicity x


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