Friday, October 26, 2012

nesting bowls and nesting

there are some things that i just can't leave a thrift store without even though they match nothing that i own and i have no need for them. one of those things happened to be this set of red enamel nesting bowls that are covered in tiny white polka dots.

luckily, the next week, they found the perfect home in a friends red kitchen. i love when i can pair treasures up with people!

Tuesday, October 23, 2012

festivals and craftiness

as i said, lately the words just aren't there, but at least my craftiness still is!

i have been in clutch making mode lately after i realized how easy they are. this is the third one i have made as a birthday gift, plus two more for me - i am on a roll!

if you want to see more of my craftiness in person, i am involved in two different shows this weekend:

the first is the whimsical wares pop-up shop in marietta, ga. i was so honored to be asked to be a part of this group show and i know it will be a huge success! the great thing about it is that the two wonderful ladies who run it do everything. yes, everything-which leaves me free to be at the country living show in stone mountain, ga, friday through sunday. i will be helping out in the modern june booth working the oilcloth table for the second year in a row. at the country living fair, you will also be able to find my aprons, tinsel hearts, embroidery hoops, lamps, etc.... inside modern june's double booth.

three cheers for festivals!

Wednesday, October 3, 2012

swag and squeals

one of the things i am most excited about with pulling together our upcoming SOUTHERN CIRCLE RETREATS is the swag bag creation. jenni and i are brain storming tons of ideas that will make the attendees ooh and ahh. we might even hear some squeals - in fact, i'm counting on it!

send me an email at: info (@) linwood avenue (dot) com if you would like some of your goodies included in the swag bag. only 12 attendees this time around, so not much to donate, but definitely a great advertising opportunity!

Monday, October 1, 2012

halloween and decorating

at the nagging of my munchkins who say that our house is seriously lacking in the halloween decorations, each year, i try to step up my game. this table in my entry hall typically serves as my decoration spot throughout the holidays. the problem with halloween is that it is so close to thanksgiving, so i prefer to have decorations that do double duty. the vintage bridge tablecloth will carry through seamlessly and i will just have to trade out a few of the added decorations.

my newest purchase is the glittery owl under the dome. i got him at target and i hope that every target across the country have lots of these in stock because they are seriously one of the cutest things i have ever seen and you all must go see them for yourself. this guy is wearing a top hat with a silver glittered band. also for sale is a owl wife for this guy. she faces the opposite way and sports a pointy witch hat. so very cute!

i whipped up this boo banner with a circle punch, some glitter and some black and white bakers twine from may arts. i still need to add some cobwebs, but after that, it's pretty much done! now i have to get the munchkins approval


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