Saturday, February 9, 2013

art and a new home

i can't believe my little break turned into such a big break, but i definitely needed it! i really took this time away to regroup and figure out what i want to do with my art filled life. and the answer to that... paint! and to stake a claim for myself in a world of artists.

while i love sewing and tinkering and crafting, i have come to realize that i have been leaning on those things as a crutch, because i know they will sell. well, not anymore. i am making a promise to myself that the next show i do will consist mainly of paintings. a personal challenge if you will.

along with this announcement and challenge, i want to invite you all to my new blog. yep, i have moved, took the plunge into squarespace. why? because they have an amazing gallery feature that i love and if i am going to show the world that i can paint, i might as well have a great gallery page.

will you come visit me at my new home? is still the website, but the blog address changes a bit - you can find it here. i'm still working out some kinks and trying to find a widget that will let you click on it and easily follow me again over there (if anyone has done this, let me know).

thanks for sticking around for the move and following me to my new artful home!


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