Thursday, March 29, 2012

owls and envelopes

owl you doin' today? this mini owl card and envelope is my newest make-it, also featured on the may arts blog. the template for the owl is a stamp i inked onto a piece of canvas to use as a template for my embroidery. thanks for the inspiration jenni!

click here to download the card/envelope instructions and don't forget to check out my make-it page for more tutorials.

Monday, March 26, 2012

lemons and recipes

my lemons are full grown and picked!

for those new to my blog, i have been a bit obsessed with the indoor lemon tree my husband gave me for christmas 2010.

after about 8 months on the branch, i picked my lemons - it really is the small things people!

now, who has a great lemon centered recipe for me to try???

Friday, March 23, 2012

another estate sale and goodies

estate sale show and tell time! i went to the best sale last thursday and i can't wait to share what i found... this was in an iffy part of atlanta, but as soon as i saw the preview pics online, i was hooked. i begged my partner in crime to go because i just had a feeling about this sale. you know "that" feeling when you can think of nothing else and look through the pics to the point that you have them all memorized. well, the sale did not let us down. the woman's name was lucille and we were told she used to own a hat shop in atlanta. the vintage clothes, linens and craft items where everywhere! i don't think the napkins above are particularly old, but i loved the lemony yellow.

she was a huge canner and these tags were stuffed into an old canning jar. yes, i can buy these tags anywhere, but the age and stain cannot be bought new - perfect for my artwork.

ever since i used these hoops for my christmas ornaments, i have been obsessed with making mini wreaths. i use these wooden drapery hooks, but they are a bit pricey. when i came across a bag of about 30 for $2, i snapped them up!

lots of vintage wrapping paper for my canvas art. plus i also found these cool rolls plastic backed foil. we finally figured out that they are what potted plants used to be wrapped it - thanks joy! the colors are so bright and luscious.

and, do you ever doubt that i can leave an estate sale without snatching up vintage ornaments? you know i have an addiction when i put christmas ornaments on my blog in the spring, but i love them. these are all the best easter colors, so i actually have used them in my dining table easter decoration.

mixed into the basket of ornaments, i discovered these gems when i got home. they are obviously homemade and are so, so, so sweet!

what things have you rescued from an estate sale lately?

Wednesday, March 21, 2012

bunnies and banners

 i have become totally obsessed with easter decorating this year, but not just easter, i am doing an overall spring theme so that it can last longer. i have a table in my entry hall that i always like to change with the seasons and when i recently found and purchased my first dome lid, i knew just what i wanted to do. first, my favorite little iron bunny is decked out with home made pompoms as a necklace. have you ever made pompoms? you are left with a ton of yarn fuzz that usually gets everywhere and on everything. the pink and peach fuzz was so pretty this time around that i sprinkled it on top of the cake plate for some extra texture. when i returned from my trip, i noticed my mom had added some moss she found in my studio. and that's all it took to pull this vignette together.

above the table is a mirror that i strung with my latest mayarts tutorial. this spring banner is so easy and versatile because it can be adapted to any sentiment you want. to download the tutorial, click here. i love this corner and it makes me smile every time i walk down the steps or come through the front door.

link to:
the lettered cottage spring fling party
between naps on the front porch 
vintage gwen
ginger snap crafts
DIY by design

Monday, March 19, 2012

a new blog and a giveaway

have you ever wished i would do another giveaway where my apron is the prize? if so, today is your lucky day.

a lovely woman, who i met through a blogging party she hosted, asked if i would like to join her in her blogiversary party. i am always up for meeting new people and being exposed to new things, so heck ya, i was interested. check out the vintage gwen blog here to read all the details. the winner will be able to chose from any of the aprons in my etsy shop. good luck...

Friday, March 16, 2012

papernstitch and exhibitors

silly me, i've failed to mention that i am an exhibitor on papernstitch for the month of march. my word for this year is strengthen. strengthen my home life, my body, my blog and my business, so i have set out on the mission to get linwood avenue out into new circles. papernstitch actually isn't new, i exhibited with them a year ago, and loved the experience, so i am back for round two. brittni runs the show and she is so great to work with. personal and quick responses, she makes you feel as you are her only artist. but the beauty is, you aren't, you are surrounded by other wonderful artists who all share your same aesthetic and feel.

Wednesday, March 14, 2012

color and canvases

is this not one of the most beautiful pieces of tatting you have ever seen?

i am not biased at all because  a) i did not make it and b) i don't even own it.

my artsy friend, jenni horne bought it a few weeks ago and i had to borrow it to drool over for a little while. if i can't own it myself, i can at least photograph it, right?

learning to tat has been on my wish list for many, many years now. at one point in time, i even checked out an ancient how to book from the library, but it sat on my studio table for 2 weeks without the spine even being cracked and then it was time for it to go back to the library. then when i was home over thanksgiving, my mom and i were going through her art supplies and she showed me a bunch of tatting needles from my grandmother and that sparked my interest once again. i have a feeling 2012 is my year to learn to tat... at least it sounds good in march, someone check back with me in december.

speaking of my friend jenni, she is starting a really lovely blog project here. click through to read all the details, but the short of it is she turned 40 on monday and is dedicating her entire 40th year to painting a canvas a week. at the end she will have 52 canvas and a gallery show to show for all her hard work.

Monday, March 12, 2012

thoughts and time outs

i'm back! it sounds crazy, but i really needed that week break from blogging after my week break from life. it was so nice to be checked out from everything while i was on vacation, and then i came back and got sucked into the pinterest debate and reading waaaayyyy too many blog posts about it. what really got to me was all the comments from ignorant people saying "what you put out on the internet is free game" or "if someone puts art on the internet, i am free to make it my desktop wallpaper pattern" or "what is the big deal if i rip off someones idea as my own and mass produce it, there are no new ideas out there". well, that last one i didn't actually read, but a lot of people were pretty darn close in that sentiment.

in my time off, i have had moments to really make a decision on where i stand and i have discovered that in my mind, i love what pinterest has done for the creative community. i added a "share this" widget to the bottom of my posts to let others know that i love them pinning my ideas as inspiration. what i have discovered i do have a problem with is bloggers taking my photos without permission and displaying little in the way of credit. i have added some copy in my right column stating that if you would like to use a photo (which i generally don't mind at all), i request an email letting me know and appropriate reference and link back to my blog. do i think everyone, or anyone for that matter is going to humor me with an email, no. but at least i have initiated the conversation and let my feelings be known. that's really all i can do, because the alternative is to shut down the blog and that's not really an option.

i also added a "link with love" badge. have you heard about this initiative yet? if not, head over here - their message is spot on.

now it is time to head over to pinterest and reevaluate all my pins to make sure that i myself have linked with love.


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