Friday, March 16, 2012

papernstitch and exhibitors

silly me, i've failed to mention that i am an exhibitor on papernstitch for the month of march. my word for this year is strengthen. strengthen my home life, my body, my blog and my business, so i have set out on the mission to get linwood avenue out into new circles. papernstitch actually isn't new, i exhibited with them a year ago, and loved the experience, so i am back for round two. brittni runs the show and she is so great to work with. personal and quick responses, she makes you feel as you are her only artist. but the beauty is, you aren't, you are surrounded by other wonderful artists who all share your same aesthetic and feel.


  1. Good for you Tiffin. This is in keeping with your goal to promote your shop this year. Awesome.

  2. Very cool Tiffin! I am on papernstitch too and it is an awesome website. :)


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