Monday, September 5, 2011

art and design

since my days are my own again, i have finally found time to digitally finish my botanical drawings. yay for me!

my prints begin as fully finished colored pencil drawings, then i scan them in and add the words and border digitally. i love combining my two passions of fine art and graphic design to get something complete unique and totally me. this batch brings my total of prints up to 8 which means i only have 4 more to do before i have enough for my calendar dream. well, actually 5, because a hydrangea is not associated with any month, i just did that one because they are my favorite!

what is your favorite flower? i just might throw one into the mix as well :)


  1. Beautiful! I have always been a daisy girl myself.

  2. Ah, love these! The combo really works beautifully. Looks a bit botanical, but much jazzier. Hmmm, fav flower...well, ah, probably tulips!

  3. I'm a tulip girl too! Love having a bouquet on the kitchen island. I also love Lily of the Valley.


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