Wednesday, August 31, 2011

lamps and creations

i uploaded a bunch of lamps to the shop this past weekend and am so excited to share my new creations. the one shown above is, hands down, my favorite! sometimes i have a hard time letting go of certain things i make and i imagine i will hold on extra tight before i ship this one out. although the though of it bringing beauty to someone's home makes the separation a bit easier :)

i love when i can find the skinny pipes of vintage lamp glass because they are so delicate that i am sure most have been broken through the years. luckily, this current upload contains 2 lamps with the skinny necks!

but the best part of this lamp is the beautiful floral base. i love the petal detail - it puts a smile on my face every time i look at it.

if you have been looking for the perfect lamp for a certain spot in your home, head over here to see what i have to offer. they are one of a kind creations lovingly put together by yours truly.


  1. You make me crazy! Is there anything you don't do?, LOL! Soooo pretty. And your hoop art makes my heart sing. I will have to have one for my creative space. Xo

  2. OMG ...Margie (the commenter above me) said EXACTLY what I was going to say. You MAKE lamps? I can't even BUY a lamp from the store that I love enough and you MAKE them?!! And the hoops....I am dying over the dashed stitched hearts on the hankies. I must make a card using that idea. You don't mind if I borrow your brilliant idea and put it on some paper do you? Gah....I need you to live next door!!!! You would be so sick of me....hee!


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