Friday, August 26, 2011

napkins and lunches

since the beginning of summer, i have had "make lunchbox napkins" on my to-do list. i guess i was stalling, because i didn't know if my munchkins would think them dorky or if people would make fun of them for having cloth napkins in their lunch bags. then just last week, i read this post and decided to wait no longer.

i have a ton of this men's shirting fabric (like 10 yards each, no joke) that you might remember from these cuties. i think it is the perfect big boy fabric because let's face it, my 6 & 8 year old munchkins are teetering on young adulthood and won't want my handmade goods much longer so i have to use all the tricks i can.

i cut 12 inch squares and folded each end in a quarter of an inch and then folded in once again. then you sew up the hems. perfectly simple and a great beginner project!


  1. So darn cute! Hope they don't wind up in the cafeteria trash can by accident. Boys will be boys, LOL!

  2. Very cool! I love the idea of fabric napkins in a lunch box.

  3. Hi there. Just discovered your blog and love it!
    I wanted to add that my at my daughter's school in nyc it is very cool for the kids to NOT use any plastic bags. Thus, the kids use fabric napkins with velcro on opposite corners that the kids use to fold food in (like an envelope) and take the place of plastic bags......I love the idea. Planned to make some (rather than buy them) and thought I'd pass along the "green" idea to you too....


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