Friday, July 9, 2010

rock and a hard place

i have something to confess... i am stuck. let me rephrase that, i am very STUCK! there are so many half finished projects floating around my studio, computer and mind and i can't seem to get one completed. not one. there is a quilt to finish, chandeliers that need one more coat of paint before i can sell them, stockings to be sewn. the really frustrating part in all this is that most of the projects are 90% completed. but that little 10% is weighing down my mind so heavily that i can't start on a single one.

i think my unease comes from my new creative direction. i am dying to get my botanical prints out into the public, but i guess i want to know that they will be well received. now, i know this is a bit backward - for people to like them, they must see them first. feedback  can drive my creative spirit, it gives me confidence to continue. this is why i love doing festivals. i love when someone gets me, when they come into my tent and tell me that i have great style or that they love a certain piece. i'm not saying that if people don't like it, that i will stop. that isn't the case at all, of course i will proceed with what i love to do. it will just be a bit easier on my mind and productivity if i know people are digging it.

anyone else feel this way???


  1. i totally get this. I have more unfinished projects than finished and it drives me insane. but i think it goes with the whole "you just gotta do it and find out" method. I don't know, it's what I am telling myself right now though.

  2. You ever seen my garage? It's one big unfinished project. But sometimes that scatteredness leads to new doors and the finishing touches are better than I've ever imagined! So keep you head up and keep carving out studio time. Once the kids are back in school you'll be able to finish all those 10% unfinished projects in about a week. ;)


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