Monday, July 26, 2010

love and a shop update

woo hoo! i finally have my prints posted in the shop.

i love the idea that each flower has a specific meaning, and i love how men used to choose bouquets to give to their loved ones based on those meanings. sometimes i can't help but feel that the thought behind gifts these days is lacking. with my illustrations, which are a mix of colored pencils and digital processes, i have drawn on the old to create something new and vibrant. if there is a specific flower you would love to see in the shop, leave me a comment and i will move it to the top of my list!

8x10's currently listed, but i have 5x7's as well that will be posted throughout the following weeks.


  1. such beautiful prints! i just adore them with the matte. your shop and blog are looking so lovely and i can't wait to stop back again! thank you for being such an inspiration :)

    best wishes!

  2. I LOVE this nod toward bringing back that lovely tradition...


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