Wednesday, May 9, 2012

a nursery and nature

i recently had new head shots taken, along with pics of my munchkins) in one of my favorite locations. there is a beautiful nursery about 20 minutes from my house that is a wonderland. the owner lets photographers use the location for a small fee and you get to go in after hours and explore all the beauty. there is a pond, tons of old vintage sheds, chickens, rusty metal chairs...

lovely vignettes like this angel birdbath and...

baby geese! let's all do a collective "awe" at the sheer cuteness captured with them being back lit.

once i get the pics, maybe you all can help me decide on my new head shot???


  1. Would love to know where that is? Is it Turnipseed Nursery in Fayetteville?


  2. Very cool. I need to get new head shots taken as well. Mine are so outdated it's kinda sad.

  3. I love nurseries this time of year (and all summer for that matter) they are such beautiful places full of so much possibility and magic. Thanks for sharing your beautiful pics.


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