Thursday, May 3, 2012

hearts and lights

i know that i am super late to this party and most of you probably learned this in a college photo 101 course, but i am just now experimenting with all the cool things i can do with my camera. and right now, i think this is the coolest by far!

following this post that i found through creschendoh, i promptly got to work. i made lens covers for my slr in the shape of a heart, a 6 pointed star and a flying bird. then i waited until nightfall, plugged in the twinkle lights on my deck and started shooting. so, so, so fun!

the pics are a bit blurry because i couldn't find my tripod camera clip and had to steady the camera with my hands. i have this crazy habit where i put something in a certain place because i know it will be safe keeping, but then i can never remember the place. (i think my oldest munchkin has the same trait because his ipod has been missing for weeks, ugh.)

the above shot was taken on the back deck, and...

this is a shot of my 6 bulb dining room crystal chandelier. i think all the lighter hearts are reflections off the crystals. again, so cool! i am definitely going to have a lot of fun with this technique!

the only post editing i did was turn the chandelier shot red instead of an icky orange color.

wouldn't it be cool to take night shots of your kids and use a filter in the shape of the first letter of your last name?

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  1. Holy tamoly!!!! i am doing ths as soon as i get home. I love the filters I bought, never thought about making my own. Yeah!


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