Friday, February 10, 2012

thrifting and sheets

i might be reaching hoarding capacity with vintage sheets.

what? you say this stack doesn't look that large to you? well, it doesn't, but combined with the 8 other stacks not in the photo, i am overflowing! the thing is, i just can't pass them up. the patterns, the softness, the fact that you get about 4 yards of fabric for $2 - all this makes them irresistible to me.

the good news is i finally have a plan for them and i am so excited about the idea. once i make a prototype, i will share the goodness with everyone.


  1. Man, I wish I was in a better area! I love vintage sheets but they are so hard to come by! :( I've resorted to Etsy to buy fat quarters because I want to make a quilt for my daughter!!

    1. i get some of mine from thrift stores, but most are from estate sales - maybe you would have more of those in your area.

  2. They are amazing!! I don't find many light coloured ones. I'm really attracted to the really bright flowery ones. Oh girl.....I can't wait to see what idea you came up with that I can copy.....hee. I owe you an email!!


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