Wednesday, February 15, 2012

paper and presents

one of the things I love most is wrapping presents. seriously, if I could make a living wrapping presents, that would be my career of choice, hands down. I know most people do not find joy in it, but there is something about making a gift pretty for its recipient. there is a satisfaction in making crisp corner folds of beautiful wrapping paper. I love seeing the look on a friends face, especially when they make a comment like "i knew this was from you". I am not a center of attention person by nature, but somewhere in that bit of recognition, my heart soars :)


  1. Finally got on board with using google reader.! Don't know what took me so long. I just saw this post and I have to say I am one who dreads wrapping gifts. Usually for b day parties the kids attend it gets done last min. And I totally embarrass myself with poorly wrapped gifts! Could you do a post on wrapping tips to help others like me who are gift wrapping impaired? My MIL is a fabulous gift wrapper. I think some people like you guys just have a gift for this!

  2. No no no......I hate wrapping presents. This year I even used packing tape on the Christmas presents. Seriously,,,,,I couldn't even be bothered to find the scotch tape. It was a fugly mess, believe me!


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