Friday, December 9, 2011

glow and lights

this christmas, i am all about vintage - i can't get enough of it. i bought one of these ceramic tabletop trees at an estate sale last year on the request of a friend. i never paid them much attention, but now that i want one, i couldn't seem to find one at any sale.

imagine my surprise when i walked into my moms basement, looked to my right and saw one sitting on a shelf just waiting for me. it used to be my aunts which made the find even more special.

it is currently sitting on my desk where i can enjoy the vintage glow while i work.


  1. seriously you are kiling me....I have ALWAYS wanted one of those!! but my Mom thought they were "tacky"....Well, what do Mother's know, right?

  2. Maybe you can be the first vintage hoarder and start a new series! Margie

  3. I am about to have the biggest freak out ever! Oh My God! I've been looking for one of those for a few months now. Oh I hope people clear out their Christmas decorations after Christmas and one of those lovelies ges to come live with me!

    Lol....on the vintage hoarder comment. I'll be right there with you.


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