Saturday, December 31, 2011

angels and singing

my friend always talks about "angels singing" when she is on track, when everything is falling into place with an idea or decision. this pic is from christmas eve - not sure what these things are called, but it is a must on my holiday table. you light some candles and the heat from the flame makes these brass angels spin around and then bells start dinging. a tradition in my childhood home that has been carried into my adult home.

everyone always talks about resolutions or goals this time of year, but i choose to be more generic because i believe that if you plan too much, you plan yourself into a corner. instead, i only hope we all hear angels singing frequently and loudly in the new year :)


  1. So beautiful, Tiffin.

    I don't make resolutions either. I just enter the New Year with hope and promise that it will be a great year. I know I'm looking forward to sharing lots more thrifty finds with you throughout the year and that alone will make it wonderful. Now, what else can you get me hooked on collecting? Hee.

    Happy New Year, my friend!

  2. I'll sing to that! Happy New Year Tiffin! Margie


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