Wednesday, December 7, 2011

fun and glitter

my brother loaded me up with these tiny plastic containers because he thought i might be able to store some supplies in them. during my 11 hour car ride back from thanksgiving, i thought up another idea. snow globes!

the munchkins rooms are filled with tiny trinkets from quarter machines at the grocery stores, not to mention all the christmas miniatures i have in my craft drawers. this was a quick and easy 3 step project to do with them and they were so excited.

1. hot glue trinket to lid of container
2. fill the container with baby oil and a small amount of glitter
3. screw lid tightly onto the container.

then you shake, shake, shake :)


  1. very nice use for those. glad i gave them to you

  2. Ok...that's too cute!! Wish I hadn't thrown out the bazillion baby food jars in the art room now.

  3. Leave it to you....stellar idea! Margie


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