Monday, October 17, 2011

goals and dreams, a recap

about a year and a half ago, i posted about my goals and dreams for linwood avenue. i thought it would be a good thing to revisit them to see where i stand. i try to be a very motivated person, and to actually put one foot in front of the other when i put my mind to something. looking back over the list lets me know where i have made strides and where i need to devote more time. so here goes...

small goals:
  • be published in a national magazine by the end of the year  - yay for artful blogging!
  • create a calendar with my botanical drawings and find a publisher for it. month to month in flowers, but with a modern, youthful twist - 6 more months to draw
  • purchase linwood avenue embroidered labels for my products regardless of cost - loving these!
  • become a much better product photographer - photos aren't yet where i want them to be, but i'm getting there.
  • keep my etsy shop update regularly - working on this
  • save money to attend an art retreat - art and soul portland

big goals:
  • enter the world of licensing. would love to design and reproduce vintage inspired lamps
  • expand linwood avenue so it overshadows my graphic design business - not yet, but it is about half/half right now which is great!

blog goals:

  • have my blog become a place of creative inspiration for readers  - i think adding more tutorials has helped this.
  • build my blog followers - thank you once again artful bloggging!
  • have a larger tutorial section - my partnership with may arts has contributed greatly to this section. 

that's it for now. i feel good about what i have accomplished and some of the items are almost there. overall, i really, really need to devote more time to etsy because i think that will overflow into some of the other goals. and i really want to finish the botanical calendar because i think i will feel such a sense of accomplishment after it is done. don't you love how freely you can breath after you have finished something that has been hanging around for a long time?


  1. Wow, I so need to do this. I am a goal maker like crazy but never stop to look at what I have actually accomplished. Kudos to you for checking off a lot on your list!

  2. Good job accomplishing so many of your goals Tiffin! My goal is to open my etsy shop next week. So excited!


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