Monday, May 31, 2010

goals and dreams

kelly rae roberts' taking flight ecourse began yesterday and i am quickly realizing that i need to outline goals for my creative business in order to move forward and get the most from the class. so here they are…

small goals:
  • be published in a national magazine by the end of the year
  • create a calendar with my botanical drawings and find a publisher for it. month to month in flowers, but with a modern, youthful twist
  • purchase linwood avenue embroidered labels for my products regardless of cost
  • become a much better product photographer
  • keep my etsy shop update regularly
  • save money to attend an art retreat

big goals:
  • enter the world of licensing. would love to design and reproduce vintage inspired lamps
  • expand linwood avenue so it overshadows my graphic design business

blog goals:
  • have my blog become a place of creative inspiration for readers
  • build my blog followers
  • have a larger tutorial section

all of these goals have been cataloged in my brain for quite some time and i have been taking steps to achieve many of them. however, for these goals to happen, one thing i must realize and truly believe is that my path of creativity is no less artistic than a traditional painter or sculpture. this is something i have struggled with for many years and i guess my creative doubt has held me back at times. "crafting" has more or less always been a four letter word to me. why? i really have no idea, it is just a "truth" i have made up and have chosen to believe. today, i am going to make a conscious effort to change this negative thinking!

as i put my goals out into the universe, i ask for your help. if you find something inspiring here at my online linwood avenue home, "follow" me, blog about my content, tell your friends about me and in return, i will try my best to post more tutorials and come up with fresh creative inspiration on a day to day basis.

now, what are your creative goals???


  1. I may have a place for one of the goals on your list. Check out, she has great woven labels and really good prices. :)

    I love that you have defined your goals...mine are still spinning around in my head most of the time.

  2. Thanks for sharing your goals. We have similar goals - I love inspiring other people as well. And I too have to remind myself to always be confident with what I can do. I'll be posting about my goals/fear later in my blog - Kelly Rae's ecourse is proving to be a great inspiration and a great way to meet kindred spirits.

  3. Love the list and goals!!!!!!! I am still fine tuning mine:) I too am taking Kelly Rae's course too! Love being able to connect with everyone!! What amazing creative experience this will be:)

  4. just stopping by from Kelly Rae's class. I love the clean look of your blog and all the sidebar content. It really makes me want to read more.

    I plan to work on my list of goals this weekend and have something up at my blog by Monday night. I love how specific your goals are (i.e. getting published by end of the year). I tend to be far too vague when I make lists like this so I'm going to take a hint from you and be specific with mine too! :)

  5. thanks for the great comments!

    blue moon mama: i have found that i need to set specifically timed deadlines or else they just keep getting pushed back. i even go as far as scheduling goals into my calendar. which, yes i know might be a bit obsessive, but it works for me :)

  6. Beautiful blog, I think you're doing a lot right already! (I'm popping over from Kelly Rae's too in case you couldn't tell!)

    Love the photos, bright colours and your tutes look really appealing too. Oh my gosh, I almost lost my mind over the LOVE towel - making a quilt out of it is such a wicked idea! I read years ago about an idea of making a quilt out of snippets of your very favourite kids' baby clothes...I cut tons of squares up but am yet to take the plunge and actually quilt the damn thing. Have some evil sewing teacher issues to get over... :)

    Take care and great to see your stuff!
    Jenny (aka Comic Mummy)

  7. I just became a follower so Hurray! to that goal on your list. The blo looks amazing and is a placing place to visit so this should go off without a hitch.

    My goals:
    -Become a guest columnist on one of my dream blogs (like The Wish Studio)
    -build a business around my mixed media either through cards and/or/Plus HANDMADE one of a kind journals.
    -do more work in the area of India fundraising


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