Wednesday, October 12, 2011

more estates and sales

this has not been a good week so far. nope, not at all. i came down with an awful cold on friday and it has lasted clear through today with a minor trip to the ER on monday (don't worry mom, i'm alright). good news is i am on the upswing thanks to some great drugs that may or may not have been injected into my backside :)

so for today's post, you get to see some of my latest finds because, well, that is about all i can muster right now.

you all know my love for milk glass, specifically fenton, right? well, when i was in portland, we stopped at a random parking lot sale that was in the process of closing. i walked up and down a few aisles and then darted to this lovely platter. i knew it was fenton right away, but had to conceal my utter delight. i asked the guy how much it was, he went and asked his dad, and came back with $4. what? did you say $4??? let's just say i whipped my cash out as fast as i could and immediately walked away with a treasure in my hand.

this next piece i found at an estate sale near my house last week. estate sale is a bit of an understatement. it was actually a sale in a warehouse that included 9 full estates. can you say huge and overwhelming! anyway, after i pushed through my last aisle, i came across this vintage seltzer bottle. let me just say that i have been looking at these forever! with this one, the $10 price tag and the beautiful blue color sold me in an instant.

for a while i couldn't figure out if it was actually old or just a reproduction. once i got it home, i could see it a bit more clearly and realized that the straw inside is glass, so that means it is old/original, right? chime in if you know anything about seltzer bottles. i love it no matter what, so even if you tell me it is a reproduction, i won't be sad.

so, those are the treasures that have come into my home lately. i am getting very addicted and can't stop bringing things home. all i keep thinking about is how to stop my house from becoming an episode on hoarders???


  1. Eegads! Hope you're on the mend! Great finds, though :)

  2. All that partying in Portland Missy, LOL! Heaven forbid you wind up on hoarders! Not that I would know if you did unless you fessed up, as I don't watch it. You crack me up!

  3. I've heard the fine line between collecting and hoarding is dust. In that case I might be in trouble but I doubt you'd have to worry. Haha

    I love watching Hoarders. Before the show is even over I have a to-do list started and I'm throwing something out or decluttering my coffee table!

    I am in love with your new Fenton piece. Lucky girl.

  4. I wanted to go to that sale it when they have it there at the warehouse..but I was sick too :( so passed on it..regretting it now.. glad you found some treasures!

  5. Beautiful! Milk glass is so classic. The seltzer bottle color is gorgeous in the sunlight. Some things in, some out- that's the only way to be a flea marketer!! :)We have giant yard sales each year to fund our addiction...~Mary


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