Saturday, February 27, 2010

thrifting and some light

so i have a confession to make - i am mildly obsessed with the show american pickers on the history channel. yes, they are a bit goofy at times, but i love that they get to see what is inside random barns on the roadside. all to often, i have driven on a country road and seen a yard loaded with junk and i just wish i could spend the day scouring their acreage. my dream for a long time has been to buy a country house from a little old lady who leaves me her entire attic packed with "junk".

last week, the show had a little segment on old lanterns which is kind of funny since i have been longing for one myself. when i went junkin on monday, i found this lantern for $6! the name embossed on it is "little wizard" and it will make a great decorating item. the wires around the globe are a bit bent up and i don't think it is very old at all, but i love it. now the question remains whether my munckin will confiscate it for his room or if i will keep it.


  1. I share your fantasy! If you didn't read it when you were a kid, get hold of RETURN TO GONE AWAY by Elizabeth Enright (they'll have it at your public library). A very fun book about a family who buys an old house, with all the belongings left in it!

  2. ooh, i will definitely need to read that book. thanks for the suggestion!

  3. Funny you should mention "American Pickers" I spent the whole morning catching up on the 2 episodes I missed on our on demand channel. I am so addicted to them as well:)

  4. That would be neat, to be left with a 'junk/treasure' filled and it might just be a trite dusty too! yikes!!!!!

    I bought my first aucion piece from an old lady who lived on our street, her husband died and she was paring down the farm to get it ready for sale....anyhow...guess what I bought at my first auction experience....A Lantern!!! I was only 16 yrs old...and I'll never forget the rush!

    have a great night

    ciao bella


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