Friday, February 12, 2010

and snow it did

this is crazy! while i realize that most of the country has been dumped on heavily this month, this much snow in atlanta is very rare. it hasn't let up since 2:00 and is absolutely beautiful, heavy, packing snow. we took a walk down to the lake by our house and the munchkins had so much fun.

munckin #1 is intent on building and preserving in our freezer as many snowballs that he can.

munchkin #2 is happy to jump in as many slushy puddles as he can.

tons of ducks were out swimming around - should have thought to bring some bread to warm their tummies.

even a snow storm can't stop the golf carts!

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  1. Your munchkins are just darling! Glad you all enjoyed your snow. We did too!


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