Friday, February 26, 2010

botanical class farewell and a tiger lily

i said i wasn't going to post it, but i worked on the tiger lilies some more (that's what they are, right?) and well, here you go. our last class was yesterday and surprisingly, during our final critique, the class members said this one was their favorite of mine. still not too sure myself, but i do like the vibrancy of the yellow and orange.

i can't wait til my garden starts blooming and i can draw some hydrangeas. it will be nice to give my blue pencils some love for a change!


  1. very nicely done....yes they are tiger lilies....!!!
    I love using my coloured pencils too....and sometimes you can end up using more of one colour scheme than another!!!!

    can't wait for spring flowers to start popping up either!!! soon enough...


    have a great weekend

  2. hello! i just popped over from carmelina's blog. love your blog -- it's so fresh, simple and fun.

    your artwork is great!


    also love the pic of the pencil shaving curls


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