Sunday, December 21, 2008

thumbprints and icing

i have been searching for a good thumb print cookie recipe for years and have finally found one! i made alicia's thumb print cookies today and they are terrific. i used powdered sugar icing instead of the raspberry jam the recipe calls for. now i just need a good, not too dry, cut-out sugar cookie recipe. anyone?


  1. Do you happen to remember the recipe because its not on their anymore.

  2. i hate when they take down links. ugh!

    send me your email at and i will type it out for you :)

  3. Any idea where I can find this recipe? I'm guessing the link is too old. I so want to make these for a birthday party.

    1. strange that hallmark removed it. here it is on another site...

      my icing is powdered sugar with a little bit of milk and even smaller bit of vanilla extract.

      good luck!


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