Sunday, December 14, 2008

lights and books

i have finally gathered together all my lamp/chandelier images to submit entries to a new book. the book is tentatively titled "creative reuse". last year, one of my cards was chosen to be showcased in a book titled "1000 handmade greeting cards" - i haven't heard a thing about it since december '07 and the suspense is killing me. i mean, did the book idea get tossed into the trash, is it just taking a really long time to publish? how long does it take a book to get published - this i do not know.

i think i might add "publish an instructional book of my crafts" to my things to do before i die list. wouldn't it be great to have a book sitting on your coffee table comprised of all your original work. or even better - have a book sitting on a stranger's coffee table comprised of all your original work and ideas!


  1. You can order it now at! I did and it's on it's way...some people already have it. Search on google blogs and you'll get a sneak preview! congrats on making it in!

  2. thank you so much for the info. now i need to figure out how to get my discounted copy. can't wait to see it!


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