Saturday, December 27, 2008

gifts and wares

santa must have thought i was very, very good this year. say hello to my new camera... new camera, say hello. i have been trying to make it through with my little pocket camera this past year, and it just wasn't cutting it. for months now, i have been wanting a digital slr and my husband heard my wishes. now all i have to do is read the 2 books as well as watch the 3 dvds it came with and i should be good to go :)

hopefully my etsy shop ( will get on track with the addition of this camera. i think good photos of your work are so crucial for having success as an etsy seller. being a graphic designer, i believe everything is in the details. if your look is cohesive throughout all you do, you will appear much more professional. now, i just have to decide what background will work best in the photos of my wares!

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