Monday, July 25, 2011

alignment and perfection

i feel like i have been less than perfect in every aspect of my life this summer. i just can't get the days to evolve the way i would like. ugh! i really have to practice the art of letting go. i am trying, really trying to not take everything that happens to heart, but somehow i always do. and the result? i am in a serious funk. double ugh!

thank goodness i have found a few precious moments to create. and thank goodness for the small joy of perfect alignment. the shot above is the start to my dining room tabletop quilt. the fact that i managed to get all 8 pie pieces to match up in the center is pure perfection! hopefully this is a sign of good things to come.

how is your summer moving along, are you in a rut, or have you been able to accomplish all your goals? if so, tell me your secrets - pretty please???


  1. My Summer is going about the same way. It's nice to sleep in but my schedule has seriously suffered because of the upside down hours. It will be nice to get back into a normal routine when the kids go back to school on the 1st.

  2. Oh honey....don't let anything get you down. I'm in a total crafty funk so instead of letting it bother me I'm just enjoying other things in life. Like thrifting, flowers, cooking etc. I hear so many people say they are in a funk right now. I think that we all need to just let it go and let our summer be what ever it wants to and roll with it. The way I see it is summer is too short to have worries. ENJOY it my friend!


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