Monday, May 2, 2011

cabinets and glass

i received a lot of comments about my milk glass collection after this post. but the truth is, that isn't even my real collection :)

what was included in that post was just my $1-$4 thrift store purchases. i admit that i have quite a compulsion for milk glass, but my real love lies with a very specific type of glass. whenever i am thrifting, i really have my eye out for fenton hobnail milk glass. it is characterised by a rich milky color (think whole milk versus skim milk), and it typically sports a ruffled edge. it is pretty easy to spot although most pieces were never marked.

my dining room has a beautiful cabinet filled with my collection which i pull out and use every opportunity i can. the cabinet has 5 shelves packed with what you see above. my mom began collecting these in her 20's, so half of my collection was gifted to me from her, and the other half i have found here and there. besides their obvious beauty, i love collecting this because the price point is not typically very high. any given piece usually costs under $20 dollars, so it isn't breaking the bank. i do splurge every once in a while and buy pieces like the cake plate peeking out of the bottom of the above photo which was $60. this piece has been on my wish list for years, but for some reason, i have never splurged - maybe i need to put it on my birthday wish list :)

what things do you collect? was your love of that specific item passed on to you by a parent?


  1. I've collected antique dolls since I was a dad would take me to antique shops and junk stores and we'd alway find a treasure. Now my dad was not an antique store kinda guy but it was what I liked and we'd go once or twice a month for our dad/daughter day out. Now I always think of him when I find a special doll. Sweet memories.

  2. such a great story - thanks for sharing!

  3. OMGosh....gorgeous. I am one of those that LOVED your other milk glass post because I collect it too. Mine ranges from 25cents to a couple bucks but I have no hobnail. Now I need some! You've made me realize it and now I'm going to be obsessed. Your displays are amazing. I have a large collection of Jadeite but I haven't got it displayed nearly as beautiful as your milk glass. I really need to work on making it a WOW factor in the house. I need to check your blog further to see if you show more collections/displays. Love visiting here!


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