Wednesday, May 25, 2011

and another plate makes 3

i have brought one more cake plate into the house, so now with 3, i definitely have a collection!

i spent a friday a few weeks back stopping by some yard sales and when i came upon this cake stand, i couldn't resist. there is a large festival in my neck of the woods twice a year, where dealers and homeowners set up tents along the way to sell their goods. this one particular glass booth is run by a very knowledgeable man and most of his prices are right on, which is pretty disappointing. when you are in an antique store, i think you can command market prices, but when you are set up on the side of the road, not so much, people want bargains!

anyway, i saw this sweet pink 10" pink cake plate and even though the $25 price tag was more than i would usually spend, i had to have it. i love the harp detail along the bottom and the little circles of glass that line the plate edge.

driving home, my friend started researching it on her phone, and holy smokes, did i get a deal. it is a "jeanette pink harp" cake stand and is actually pretty rare to find. the one site we found had a chipped one listed for $145. jeanette is for the town in pennsylvania where it was made which is actually very close to where i grew up - double cool.

the moral of the story is that there are still deals out there. even though someone seems very knowledgeable, they can't know everything about everything :)

oh, and the cake shown above is courtesy of my 2 sweet little munchins on mother's day. they tried so hard to make me a beautiful cake and i think it turned out just perfect!


  1. Hi...I came thru Inspired by Charm and just saw your milk glass collection. I have many of the same pieces and was wondering about identifying Fenton (my Sis In Law and I have been debating this for months) I am under the impression that the fenton hobnails are a bit "pointier" and that the glass is very white - - she determines Fenton because the hobnails get smaller as they travel to the base (I don't agree because I have some that don't) how do you determine Fenton from other knock off hobnail milk glass?

  2. Girl, I feel like I've been stalking you waiting to get a glimpse of this cake plate!! So beautiful!!!

    I didn't get out thrifting this weekend as we were in Chicago for the week. {Target is as good as thrifting to me though....we don't have Tar-jay here in Canada yet!}

    However, I did find a "faux" Jadeite cake plate at a store off the Magnificent Mile. It's GORGEOUS. It's not FireKing, of course, but apparently made by a company that may have once made Jadeite(??). Either way I love it....even for $75 bucks and a whole lotta hassle to bring it back in a carry on. LOL.


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