Monday, August 9, 2010

trips and tons of fun

the whole family packed up this past week and headed to emerald isle, nc. this is our second time here and it didn't fail to be a relaxing trip once again. we meet up with old college friends of mine which is always a good time, especially seeing all of our children play together!

we ate a ton of great seafood...

boogie boarded til we had shells coming out of our ears. seriously, one wipe out and you have no less than 3 cups of shell pieces in certain cracks and crevices where they should never be!...

and even saw some beautiful wild horses on shackleford island...


  1. love the pic of the blue crabs! when I was in charleston the kids I was with found a dead one and I LOVED the color. I wanted to keep me, but the other adults had to talk me out of it cause it would SMELL. i'm crazy i know. but oh the color was gorgeous.

  2. Looks like a beautiful place! I adore that last picture with the wild horses in it...... I've not been around horses for a while, such lovely creatures.

    Linda. xox


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