Thursday, August 12, 2010

rocking and rolling

with the start of school, i feel like summer is winding down. which means i need to stop rocking my days away and get in the fast lane. with my new found free time, i am so motivated to finish up projects with loose ends and start knocking out new items on my to do list. among other things, this is what i have in store for the weeks ahead...

  • finish my brothers quilt (enough already, his birthday is just a few weeks away!)
  • start my love quilt (which i have been dreaming about daily)
  • string ties onto my new bookmarks (i bought this brightly colored bakers twine which is going to be perfect!)
  • source stores to wholesale my botanical prints to (so exciting)
  • whip up some festive holiday items for my show in october (think silver pipe cleaners and tree bark)
  • start searching for patterns and fabric for the munchkins halloween costumes (not sure i can beat the knight costumes i made a few years back)
i am sure many more items will be added, but i need to get through my tivo list before i can begin to add anything else :)

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  1. So many projects! I kind of feel the opposite, since we homeschool. I've been working on lots of projects over the summer, and have to wind those down now that school is starting.


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