Tuesday, June 8, 2010

eggs and wonder

my husband was cutting down a huge eyesore of an overgrown bush in our front yard yesterday and found this sweet little birds nest. i am so sad to think that when we were plotting our landscaping, we were unknowingly plotting the demise of their safe little place in this world.

of course the munchkins had to come running out of the house to ooh and awe over the nest for a bit, but i must admit i was right behind them.

what is it about birds nests that make people come running? i like to think that it is the wonder of it all. the wonder that something is being formed at this very moment right inside those tiny blue shells.

there might be a metaphor in this post somewhere about my little homegrown craft business, but i am too tired right now to connect the dots :)


  1. hey tiffin! aren't u just totally loving the class! I had to laugh when i saw yr eggs n nest post.....I agree....the munchkins come running ev. time we find one too! see where these birds made nest in my garage!


  2. Hi Tiff, as a lover of birds I am always delighted to find a nest whether it be occupied or not.
    In spring we like to leave little balls of fluff and goodness for our feathered friends to line their busy nests.

    Happy day!
    Felicity x


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