Monday, March 8, 2010

office and studio, finally!

i've been talking about my new studio a lot lately and i am happy to say it is now ready to be revealed! my friend jessica ashley came over the other day and took fabulous photos for me.

since my new space takes over the formal living room of the house (which really, who uses this kind of a room anymore?), i added french doors to keep out the noise that 2 munchkins make. the street sign is from a thrifting weekend in savannah, ga - i couldn't resist, it was too perfect.

the space is what i have always dreamed of. i can do my graphic design work, make a mess crafting, or read a book. my own personal retreat :)

the desk is from ikea and is actually 2 tops put together. it has a glass top with a shelf underneath which is perfect to hide paper clutter. an old crib spring is used as a twist on a bulletin board - clothespins hold the items onto the frame. the crazy brown thing on the wall is left over from when this was a living room. i had painted a tree, but now i can't decide if i want to paint over it or not.

a few years ago, we built a row of bookcases along the back wall. since there is no closet in this room, the bookshelf is indispensable. it holds books as well as artwork from friends and family plus office supplies

i love this chicken wire basket. vintage milk glass holds crafting and sewing trinkets.

i'm always on the lookout for store props to hold everything i make. this old spinning store rack holds my aprons before they are shipped out.

and once again, my sewing table which i love, love, love. the color is so unexpected and puts a smile on my face every time i walk into the room.

so that's it, a little view into my world!


  1. I love, love, love your office! Heather

  2. Those are fabulous pics of your studio. I love your space. So warm.

  3. wow, your space is so huge! i'm jealous, hehe. oh, how i love that bookshelf!

  4. i think the size of the room might be a little camera trickery ;)

  5. I LOVE the new space! It makes me want to come over and play!

  6. It looks beautiful and I have to say that I love the tree. And I love the banner.

  7. I love that it looks lived it but totally in a good way. very chic :)

  8. I am LOVING your studio space, as far as I can imagine this is the perfect space in which to create! I am in the process of dreaming up my own new/ideal studio, and I think that this will serve as much inspiration!

  9. Wow -- amazing space. Thank you!

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