Saturday, March 13, 2010

decorate and redecorate - it's a vicious cycle

due to my business, lamps come in and out of my house on a daily basis. which means, i am constantly switching out the ones i use to decorate my home with.

i bought a pair of milk glass lamps months ago, and they have been sitting untouched since then. the wiring needed replaced, but these were a bit trickier because the base is a nightlight, which translates into: 2 sockets, 1 cord. i was a bit intimidated which is why i didn't jump on updating them right away. but, the good news is they were easy peasy to rewire. the base can light up on its own as well as the top standard light, or they can be lit together as shown above. i am hopelessly in love with the effect of them glowing in an otherwise dark room.


  1. I just love that lamp, so beautiful!

  2. Love the lamp! I'm wondering if I can make a lamp shade using some of my fabrics...

  3. you definitely can - as long as it is a lightweight cotton. i think your fabric would look great illuminated!


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