Monday, June 29, 2009

i'm finished and relieved!

i am jumping for joy that i am finally finished with my shower curtain. our bathroom remodel was completed mid march and since then i have wanted a really special shower curtain to finish it off. i bought 2 different amy butler fabrics from this etsy shop. they worked well together and were definitely the mixture of geometrics i was going for.
i can't say i followed any specific pattern, i simply did some measuring and went for it. i ruffled the polka dot fabric at the top before i attached it to the white strip. it adds a bit of femininity to a bathroom that could be fairly masculine due to it's color range.
this is a close-up of the bottom section. i can tell you that i was very meticulous in my measuring on this one, so it is definitely a camera trick that the white seems different heights!


  1. very nice! well done and awesome bathroom!

  2. It's very gorgeous! I wound up with similar tiles -- mine are smaller, I think, and lighter colored (could only afford these for one bathroom, so had to get vinyl for the other one). But what a difference your details have made in your bathroom -- sewing your own shower curtain is brilliant!!!! xo


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