Wednesday, September 19, 2012

handmade sewing and somerset holidays & celebrations

today has been a fantastic magazine month! i swear, i will never tire of seeing my name in print. when i buy a pub that i am in, i have to try really hard to stop myself from telling the cashier all about my excitement!

i have talked about this before, but if your dream is to be published - what is stopping you? send in those submissions, write that story, it really is easier than you think!!! and the high you get from seeing the printed piece is indescribable.


  1. So cool! I'll have to look for these!!

  2. So, what you're really saying here, without saying it is..."MELISSA NEEDS THESE MAGAZINES!" No, I know you aren't exactly saying it, but when I read this that was my first thought - I NEED these! B&N here I come! Will you sign them for me Sunday? ;)

  3. It's so fun to be in the same publication with you Tiffin!! And you are right....everyone should go for it if it's on their list of dreams!

    1. congratulations to you as well! which mag is your piece in, i looked, but couldn't find. is it under a different name?

  4. Congrats! wow, that's a huge achievement. Beautiful work.

  5. Woohooooo congrats my friend!! You deserve to be published many many many times girly!!

    I love that magazine. I've had quite a few of my cards published. I've even been on the cover. Those were fun days but it ended up being a lot of work and I've given it up about a year ago. This makes me want to start again. Maybe when life and work settles down.

    Happy Fall. It's snowing here today. True story.

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