Wednesday, July 18, 2012

paintings and firsts

i sat down and painted the other day as in paint on canvas, painting a picture - and i must say that this post is definitely a first for me!

i always say that i am not a painter. the uncertain medium, the multitude of many more art supplies to acquire, and a general dislike for paint under my nails has kept me away from painting for a very long time. but... then i took the paint something workshop and i had so much fun. i happily had an entire day to myself last friday and surprising to me, the first thing i wanted to do was paint. this is mid process, so everything is a bit rough, but i had so much fun, that the outcome wasn't really as important to me as the process.

surprise, you definitely can teach old dogs new tricks!


  1. Enjoyed reading your post as I sit and contemplate how to get the paint out from under my nails. :) Painting has always been intimidating to me, the perfectionist inside doing battle with the carefree artsy girl. My other hang up is what to paint, sometimes taking the first step seems to be the hardest. Thanks for sharing your post.

  2. Oh it's adorable!! Needs a fab quote! Looking forward to the class on Saturday!


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