Monday, April 23, 2012

china and love at first sight

this past thursday i headed out bright and early to an estate sale.

it was the last day of the sale and no photos had been posted online so i had no idea what i was going to find. but, the estate sale gods did not disappoint!

i spotted this amazing china and it was love at first sight. then i saw the price tag of $35 dollars, quickly calculated the last day half price discount and i knew it would be a lasting love. i took home 38 pieces for $17.50. pretty good deal in my book. especially after a quick internet search, i discovered the lidded sugar bowl alone is going for $24.

the pattern is "golden glory" by harmony house which i believe was sold through sears in the 50's, but i can't find any more information than that. any way, I LOVE the artwork - the gilded stylistic floral pattern is soooo anthropologie.


  1. Great deal!! Pretty set! I scored on some auctions this weekend myself! Check out my post to see my goodies!

  2. Wow! I have never been to an estate sale but now I am really wanting to find one! Is there anywhere online you can search to see if any are in your area? I love the dishes you got and such a great deal, too!

    1. - you can put in your zipcode and specify a distance you wish to travel and they will send you weekly emails about what is in your area. or, when you go to sales, each company should have a mailing list at checkout for future sales. happy hunting!


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