Wednesday, January 11, 2012

aprons, hoops and lamps

last night i worked my tooshie off and did a HUGE update to my shop. so. very. excited that it is done. woohoo! you can now find tons of aprons in any color way you could imagine.

i have also listed a lot of hoop art. these would be a perfect valentines gift to plant in your man's ear if i do say so myself.

and lastly, i have some new lamps to share with you. i have about 7 more sitting on my desk waiting to receive wiring supplies to finish and then they will be posted as well. i have a push and pull relationship with making lamps, but right now, i am LOVING them. i love collaging individual pieces together and making one of a kind creations for you to add a little sparkle to your home!


  1. So pretty! I still love the lamp that I got from you a few years ago. :)


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