Monday, March 7, 2011

an assistant and model

say hello to my new assistant that started working with me last thursday. she is very helpful with photo shoots, has excellent posture and doesn't talk back. however, i do think she lied about her weight. she seems to be a size 0-2 adult, rather that a 4-6 adult, but i can't hold that against her - that's what you get when you interview someone over the internet. however, i wouldn't fire her for it, she is with me for the long haul - it was love at first sight :)

now if only i could come up with a name for her. i'm thinking "bitsy", or maybe "dotty". what name would you all give her?


  1. How about Scarlet, didn't she have a 16 inch waiste? Linwood Ave is in Atlanta, Scarlet is from Atlanta.

  2. How about "Sis" as in as"sis"tant and I'm sure you will be talking to her like a "sis"ter.


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