Wednesday, November 17, 2010

postcards and new friends

the great big stitched postcard swap is over. i sent my postcard off to travel half way across the world to christchurch, new zealand. the theme was "home" and after much thought, i decided to base my postcard around the tulip magnolia. this tree is very prevalent where i live in georgia and is absolutely beautiful during it's blooming period. such beautiful white flowers with pale pink and orange accents. 

i iron transferred a photo i took of the blooms during a walk last spring onto plain canvas. then i roughed up the image so it would look a bit weathered. next, i went about embroidering - and of course i had to add in a ton of french knots which are my favorite.

for the back, i did the same iron transfer process of an image i created with our addresses and a faux post office stamp. then i embroidered a little message to my postcard pal. finally, i sandwiched a piece of mat board between the two layers for added stability and the postcard was finished.

i think i am officially hooked on blog swaps. they are such a great way to meet new internet friends and be exposed to different creative techniques. sign me up for the next one!


  1. Wow that is super stunning. As I live in Christchurch, NZ (where we've had over 2000 aftershocks after our big earthquake 2 months ago!!) I do hope that's coming my way!!! You are genius, I love it. Must haunt postbox xxxx

  2. by the way there is a Linwood Avenue very close to my house! I'll try and remember to take a picture for you xxx

  3. Very cool idea. I have been so busy making stuff...I can't get to my blogging friends. Tis the season to be dizzy with projects. Happy turkey day to you and thank-you for visiting.

  4. Hurray hurray hurray! it did come to me :) Thanks so much it is triple awesome!! You are a real genius. I love it xxx


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