Wednesday, April 21, 2010

family room and a redo

it's redecorating time! something about my family room has never felt right. i have a pretty eclectic design style, which usually works, but this room isn't pulled together as well as i would like.

items on my to do list:

1. recover the orange pillows with this fabric. possibly using a plum colored fabric for the backs.

2. paint the fireplace brick a dark taupe (i know that is controversial!!!) but i think it will blend better into the wall.

3. repaint my gold leaf mirror frame. mom, don't have a heart attack :) i bought a quart of behr's "lagoon" which is a teal color pulled from my floral chairs.

now place your bets on how long it takes me to finish this makeover!


  1. since you are a 'silver' fan, I didn't expect the gold leaf to last long but it is still one of your best projects ever!

  2. I think those changes will look awesome!


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