Tuesday, January 19, 2010

fostoria and a new use

last friday was the best day! i went junking with 2 of my friends and brought home so many goodies. my favorite has to be this fostoria, americana fairy light candle holder. my mom gave me a set of fostoria plates, the americana pattern, and i love them. the geometric pattern reflects light so beautifully. i am always looking to expand my collection, but they are pretty desirable these days, so most of the time, items are out of my budget.

i came across this cute 2 part ball, with a 2 inch hole in the top. the ball splits in half which is how you get the candle in. the vendor had a note on the $4.50 price tag saying you could use it for candles or kleenex - how perfect. i bought it without hesitation for it's uniqueness and price. then the funny part of the day was when we went to a church run second hand shop and i found another one for $1. of course i had to buy that one as well. i split a box of kleenex between the 2 balls and now one sits on my desk and one on my bathroom counter.

love "off the wall" uses for things!

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  1. It's fun to repurpose stuff...and I too love collecting or as you call it JUNKING....thrift stores are the cheap, great way to go! Nice site, my first visit. Check me out for my collections...art work...life....


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