Wednesday, May 20, 2009

love and blogs

i love finding new sites and blogs to start following (especially when they feature my work :). i was notified today that one of my craft/vendor aprons was featured on indie craft shows. this is a site you must visit, especially if you are new to the festival scene. you can search for festivals in your area, and if you don't see one that you are part of, you can list it yourself. the posts on the blog portion consist mainly of tips and tricks to vending. all the questions i constantly see being asked in the etsy forums are answered here. i am especially excited to see a section they are rolling out next week about different display ideas. as i have preached before, it is not just your work that will bring people into your booth. you must create a beautiful atmosphere for them to shop in. i am so excited to see what people have come up with for their booths!


  1. I love it!! Your so awesome with your cute aprons.

  2. The shop looks great. I can tell the extra effort in photography. All worthy of front page on Etsy!


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