Saturday, March 21, 2009

project one finished and on to the next

it has only taken me roughly 8 months, but this project is finally finished. well, not exactly 8 months of solid work time, but 8 months of it sitting in the corner of the room waiting for me to work on it. i have always wanted to try upholstering with tacks and this was the perfect project for me to experiment on. i rescued the ottoman frame from the trash man, took it home and painted it a high gloss white. then i covered it in batting and fabric left over from another household project. next, i used a bright yellow polka dot fabric for the piping to lighten up the piece. at the same time, i created a pillow for the top out of 4 inch foam.
then came the fun part of using the tacks. i ordered french nailhead trim from here and couldn't be happier with how simple they were to adhere. anyone know why they are called french??? i thought i would need a rubber hammer, but your standard issue garage hammer worked perfectly without denting the tacks.

all in all, i am pretty happy with this project and ecstatic that it is finished. the ottoman turned out too large for the space i had envisioned it for, so now it is sitting back in the corner of the room waiting for a purpose. i guess when you dumpster dive, you can't be picky about size!

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  1. Dude - this ottoman turned out GREAT!!! I am so impressed with you projects!!


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