Saturday, January 3, 2009

a new year and a trip to the ER

so i had big plans for the new year and this blog. big plans until my husband and i ended up in the ER sometime well past our new year's eve celebration. let's just say that one should never drink and ask for a piggy back ride. after 8 hours in an ER (which i will never return to), 2 cat scans, a chipped tooth, multiple x-rays, a broken finger, road rash and many bruises, we are resting at home.

that being said, once i am over this minor blip, i hope to, i plan to post to this space every day. so stay tuned, if the past few days are any indication, this is bound to one crazy and exciting new year!

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  1. Yes it is!! What a great post!! Look at it this way you have started this new year with a bang (Literally)!! I think it is a good thing. Handmade Rules:)


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