Wednesday, October 22, 2008

athens, ohio

this past weekend, i went back to my youth - back to athens, ohio / ohio univeristy. i have been a southern transplant for over 10 years now. there are some things i love about atlanta, like not having to own a scarf, outdoor restaurants and dogwood trees in the spring. however, with the first step off the plane in ohio, i can smell my youth, i can smell the crumpled fall leaves, i can smell the chill of fall. can someone please bottle this smell? things seem simpler here, the sky is closer to you here. i want to go back to the days where it has snowed too much to leave your house, and you don't feel one bit guilty about doing nothing. i want to see the amazing colors of the turning leaves. i want to wear sweatpants to the grocery store, because people definitely do not do that in atlanta! somehow this old life is embedded into my DNA, i can't escape it and i never want to forget it or how it makes me feel.


  1. You can sport the sweatpants just at midnight or later, but only in the Wal-Mart!

  2. then you've got to come to Bloomington to visit us! Throw a little horse poop into the mix, from the ones up the street...

  3. Oh my gosh--Ohio makes me feel all of those ways, too. Isn't it crazy how it happens every.single.time.?

    Where did you grow up in Ohio? I was near Dayton, Ohio---in Fairborn. It's so tiny! So different from Peachtree City!

    I lived there for 21 years. I've been in Atlanta now for 15. Wow!

  4. I had to comment because I, too, am from Ohio (Cincinnati) and transplanted to Atlanta 30 years ago after a brief stop in Chicago. When I have gone home there are many things that I miss and wish I could experience again... some of the same things you mentioned. In Cincinnati, though, I found it difficult to strike up a conversation with the cashier at the grocery which is an everyday happening here. I live in Snellville now after many years in downtown Decatur. And, believe me, out here we where sweatpants to the grocery!! TFS...


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